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Wig Detangling Brush Metal Teeth


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Wig Detangling Brush Metal Teeth

The Jon Renau Teasing Brush is a no-nonsense styling tool for brushing your hair system. The metal bristles don’t have knobby tips, so they won’t get tangled in synthetic hair. However, care should be exercised with lace bases, as the metal bristles could do damage if hair is brushed too vigorously. This brush can be used to smooth out tangles and pump up the volume of tired or limp-looking hair systems.

Stainless steel bristles with a tail-comb, ideal for long hair and separating the fibres. The Teasing Brush comes in clean white. These brushes are designed for synthetic wig fibres and will not pull or stretch the fibre.

Wig Detangling Brush Metal Teeth are lightweight, have stainless steel bristles and are not ball-tipped. Easy to wash and dry. For Human Hair and Systhetic Hair. All bases, Lace, Poly, Skin and Mono


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Human hair

Synthetic hair

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