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Hair Systems

When you choose to wear a hair system, you end up in a world full of possibilities. You will have a certain image in your head and to convert that into a hair system that suits you, is quite a challenge.
Choosing a hairstyle and color is perhaps the least difficult choice. Besides the reason for wearing hair being a mental challenge, so many questions arise.
Which base do you want? Which bonding method? How long do you want it to last on your head? Do you have allergies? How handy are you?

Let’s start with the different types of base.

Australian System

Fine and natural French lace in the centre is invisible and fully breathable. The 0.06 skin perimeter also aids realism and makes a good base to bond to. Perfect for hot climates! Size 8*10”, 7*10”, 7*9” 18x25cm, 17x23cm, 16x24cm available, Bleached Lace, 6″ hair length, medium-light-medium density. 1″ PU around the Lace centre.

Bio System

Lace Front with Skin rear 0.06mm thick. Easy to tape, glue and clean. Can be worn multiple months.

Full Skin Systems

Available in Base thickness:

0.02-0.04 mm – Transparant and Ultra realistic. This is considered as a throw away system as it has a life span of 1-2 months. 6″ hair length, density medium to light, Ultra thin base with V-Looped hair. Advise is to order 3 or more to be asured to have a replacement when you need it.

0.04-0.06 mm – Most Popular as it can last a little longer that the thinnest version. Feather Light, easy to tape and to clean. 5″ hair length, density medium to light, single split knot and V-Loops.

0.06-0.08 mm – Guaranteed for a great look, feather light and easy to tape and clean. Will last multiple months. 5″ hair length, medium to light density.

Full French Lace System

Full French lace hair system offers you an undetectable look. Airy and lightweight, Bleached knots enhance its realism. Base color Flesh. Bleached Knots at the front area Hair Length 6″, Hair Density Medium-light. Due to the seam lines, easy to cut to size, will not ravel if cut right. System can last up to 6 month with proper care.

Full Skin Injected 0.04-0.06 Thickness

Hair is injected into the transparent super thin skin base of this system so there are no knots. It’s feather light and has an invisible hairline. Injected allows the hair to sit lower on the head. Base Design Transparent super thin skin base, injected hair all over. 6′ Hair length, medium to light density.

Crown Hair system

This hair system was designed for men with crown hair loss. Choose a 4”x4” or 5”x5” thin skin piece that is the perfect size to cover the crown.

You can save dozens by purchasing this small men’s hairpiece, and save yourself shaving more of your hair off than necessary. No longer do you need to shave your entire top scalp to accommodate a men’s hair system.

These pieces can also be used for local Alopecia Areata spots and for women with a short hair cut.

Afro Systems

Made of 0.08mm thin skin, our Superskin Afro is easy to attach, durable and comfortable. It’s thin skin base gives it a natural look and very lightweight. Lightness makes it possible for us to lead a normal life, as we would with our own natural hair. Base Design 0.08mm Thin Skin. Can last up to 6 months with proper care.

Full lace hair replacement systems are designed for black males. The full French lace base makes the cap soft and fully breathable as well as durable. Afro, curly hair is used and they are suitable for hair of a light medium density. Here too the system can be worn multiple months with proper care.

These only come in color Black #1 or Dark Brown #1A, #1B, hair length 5″

Frontal Hair Systems 0.04-0.06 Skin

This frontal hairpiece is specifically designed for men who are dealing with a receding hairline or hair thinning around the very front of their heads. But these are also very suitable for women as the hair is longer that that of a standard piece. Hairloss here is very common in men and women and hair thinning on this part of the head is often more noticeable than on other parts. However, wearing one of our intricately designed, small frontal hairpieces can easily solve your problems and take years off you! Base Hair Length 6″. Hair Density Medium-light to Medium (100%-110%).

Sizes 6″x0.75 (15x2cm), 6″x1″ (15×2.5xm), 6″x1.5″(15x4cm), 6″x2″(15x5cm)

The Color

Once decided what kind of base you want, we can talk about color. With a wide range of color, all is possible. Combination of colors and percentages of grey. The hair is human Asian hair, the grey is synthetic up to 40%. Anything above that is Human grey but will be more expensive. These are the most standard colors available as these are the natural mens colors.

The Density

Then the density. The older you get, the more density you loose. Having a very thick system on your head while being of age, makes it look very un-natural. And very thick hair is not always appropriate for very young people. What you are looking for is a natural look, undetectable, giving you confidence. The standard is medium density 110%. For an lighter version, we offer 90%-100% density but more and less is possible.

The Hair Length

The standard hair length for men is 5-6 inch (10cm), longer hair is available but most of the time it will be custom work.


If you have questions about any of the above, please email or call +31 36 200 5085 (from 8:00-20:00 GMT+1)


We don not have a salon you can visit but we can refer you to a good salon we work with and that advises us.