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Base Tape 1″ roll 6y


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In stock

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Base Tape 1″ roll 6y

Base Tape is a single-sided dull tape made for use between the unit and another two-sided tape. It’s designed to mend the tears in delicate systems that come from everyday use, as well as make it possible to use a stronger tape on a delicate unit. This semi-flexible tape is perfect to help get a longer life out of your client’s hair systems. This is meant for minor system repair and is not for use on your client’s skin. Base Tape is not designed to be the only adhesive used on a unit. Keep the product away from heat, humidity, and light. Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dark, dry, room-temperature controlled environment (60-80°F). Seal bags and clamshells completely. With proper storage, our tapes have a shelf life of up to one year.


To Repair System Damage: Cut or tear a small piece of Base Tape and place it on the inside of the clean and dry hair system, over the damaged area. Complete the rest of your install as normal using your favorite preparation and tape products.


To Prepare Delicate Systems for Stronger Tape: Place the Base Tape along the inside of the clean and dry hair system, wherever you intend to apply another two-sided tape. Base Tape makes it possible to use a stronger tape on a delicate system. Use Lace Release for an easy removal and clean-up. We recommend testing Base Tape on a small, inconspicuous area of a hair system before use.

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