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LuxHair Quick Release Adhesive Cleaner is a hair solvent that helps to remove hair systems such as prostheses or mesh wigs or adhesive extensions. This cleanser temporarily deactivates adhesive, caring for the base and hair which in turn prolongs the life of mesh systems.

Temporarily deactivates hair glue with an improved formula that hydrates the scalp.
It has a fragrance that completely hides the unpleasant odor typical of solvents.
Specific formulation for cleaning hair prostheses, wigs and extensions.
Easy to clean.

Recommendations for use LH-QUICK RELEASE 1L

This product is not recommended for the removal of adhesive residues in the capillary system and on the scalp after removing the piece. For this it is recommended to use C22.
Open the hair in sections and apply the product generously in the areas where the adhesive or tapes are located.
Approximately one minute after the product comes into contact with the adhesives, they will deactivate allowing the mesh to detach and begin to be lifted.
The removal of the mesh system must be done carefully without pulling, so that the residue remains on the scalp, instead of on the piece; This considerably reduces cleaning time.
For Skin systems, as you begin to apply Lace Release, the prosthesis is removed from the front until it is completely removed. The application is always done on the base part, never on the hair part.

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