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LuxHair Deep Clean Shampoo 1L

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LuxHair Deep Clean Shampoo 1L

This balanced shampoo has great detergent power, which allows it to deeply clean the hair and scalp. By removing all residues, the hair is prepared for subsequent styling treatments, helping to make them more effective.

For all types of hair. Both prosthesis bases and hair and scalp.
Perfect for deep cleaning, since it has the ability to remove the rest of the residue or excess residue (lacquer, wax) that comes from previous styling treatments.

For normal cleaning, us the 2-in-1 Shampoo
Moisturizes and facilitates combing damaged hair, giving it a soft touch.
After its application, it is essential to combine it with the LuxHair serum to provide it with silkiness, lightness, shine and nutrition.

This LuxHair Deep Clean Shampoo 1L is especially for Salons but we may be alble to get you some to test.

After having removed the remains of adhesive, apply a small amount on the base in circular movements, untangling and then apply it to the hair, caressing and untangling it.
For a Tulle or Monofilament system, when the shampoo passes through the base, caress the hair and untangle it.
For Skin systems, apply the shampoo on both sides of the prosthesis.
On the side of the base you have to wash in circular movements and on the side of the hair you have to caress and untangle the hair. In both cases, rinse the system from the base and hair with plenty of water.

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Human hair


Synthetic hair