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P.A.T. Tape 3/4″ 18 yds Roll


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In stock

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P.A.T. Tape 3/4″ 18 yds Roll

P.A.T. Tape 3/4″ roll 18 yards

Bonds Hair Systems to Hard Bond Glue.

  • Systems: All
  • Single-sided:
    • Sticky side bonds to system
    • Non-sticky side fuses to glue
  • For protecting systems from hard bond
  • Remove from system with Lace Release

Instructions P.A.T. Tape 3/4″ 18 yds Roll:

  • Place Support Tape on the front of the hair unit
  • Remover liner from P.A.T. Tape and secure hair system around the peremiter.
  • Before Securing P.A.T. Tape with Sure stick Hard Bond, position hair system an client to ensure perfect allignment.
  • Securly press the front of the unit in place with support tape and pull up the back of the hair system to expose P.A.T. Tape
  • Apply Sure stick Hard Bond Adhesive to P.A.T. Tape
  • Carefully roll hair system back, alligning perfectly. Press and hold for aproximately 2 minutes applying equal pressure around the entire peremiter of the hair system
  • Before styling, check the bond peremiter for any gaps and spot bond, if necessary.

For best result, use with Sure Stick Hard Bond.

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