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RemySoft blueMax Protective Sealer, 2 ounces


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Additional information

A silicone-based hair sealer, RemySoft blueMax Protective Sealer is designed to keep hair soft and shiny without greasy buildup. Developed by a long-time full-cap hair system wearer, who formulated it with Jojoba oil to lock in moisture and maintain human hair system softness, it helps stop shredding and deters system hair loss by forming a protective liquid barrier around individual hairs in the hair system, effectively sealing in moisture. An organic lubricant that closely mimics sebum (the natural-occurring oils found in growing hair), jojoba oil helps protect against dry, brittle hair, guard against color-fading caused by UV sun damage, and coat the entire system to help it stay tangle-free, smooth, and naturally glossy. 2-ounce pour bottle.

1-2-Blue, Blue Max Protective Sealer is step 3 in the revolutionairy 3 step system to seal moisture in dry unmanageable hair.

Sprecially formulated on the synthetic and remy hair on wigs, weaves, extensions and hair systems. Keeps damage and tangles out with the prower of silicone. A mineral hair sealer that coats the hair shaft after conditioning. This locks in precious moisture and locks out UV rays and the drying chemicals and many hair products.







Human hair

Synthetic hair

Contains UV Sun Protect