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PPI Super Solv Dab-on Adhesive Remover, 1.3 ounces


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In stock

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PPI Super Solv Dab-on Adhesive Remover is gentle on lace bases and sensitive scalps, but cuts right through the toughest bond. The convenient dab-on bottle allows application of the product precisely where needed. PPI’s toughest and most popular adhesive remover, it breaks down even the tackiest tapes and adhesives, and starts working as soon as it’s applied. Although strong, it won’t eat away at base materials, whether lace, skin, or poly perimeters on lace or monofilament bases. It is non-oily and hydrocarbon-based, made from natural ingredients, and safe for use on delicate skin. 1.3-ounce dab-on bottle.





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