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ProTouch CleanSkin ScalpCleaner 4oz


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In stock

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ProTouch CleanSkin ScalpCleaner 4oz

Easy-to-use ProTouch CleanSkin Scalp Cleaner™ effectively removes tape and liquid adhesive residue from the scalp to improve the bond strength and length of new attachments in one simple step. Formulated to create the cleanest surface possible, it cleans the scalp deeply to remove residues, dirt, and oils that hamper adhesion of tape or liquid adhesive, and gently conditions the scalp to refresh and soothe sensitive skin before bonding. 4-ounce dab-on container.

There is nothing like this ProTouch CleanSkin ScalpCleaner 4oz, combine it with this Shampoo and this base cleaner

Here are some tips:
Removing your system is easy with the right products. Don’t rip it off but use a lace release or a remover to loosen the edges, use more if you have to. The lace release is not greasy and will not stain. Removers on citrus or oil base will need more cleaning afterwards. Always remove from the back to the front to prevent damage to the front hairline, especially when you prefer wearing the hair back. Clean the base with a base cleaner (skin bases) or a remover that takes all the adhesive residues from the system. Wash the system with a deep cleaning shampoo, a hydrating and moisturizing shampoo and use conditioner when needed. Let the system air dry, this too extents the life of the system. Blow drying damages the hairs. Clean the scalp very well. Still have some hair, clean that too. Exfoliate or scrub and make sure the skin is clean of residues, oils and dead skin cells. Use a scalp protector to create a barrier between the adhesive and the skin. This prevents sweat and oil to weaken the adhesive and protects the skin from chemicals.
Treat your hair like a project!






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