Walker MaxHoldSport SkinPrep 1.4oz

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Walker MaxHoldSport SkinPrep 1.4oz Excellent for oily skin, extends the hold time of any tape or liquid adhesive.

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Walker MaxHoldSport SkinPrep 1.4oz allows for a more secure, longer hold time when used with any tape or liquid adhesive product. A specially-formulated skin prep product created for people who lead active lifestyles, have oily scalps, are prone to excess scalp sweating, or live in areas with high humidity, it also forms a protective barrier between hair replacement system and scalp, reducing the chance of irritation. A fast-acting product, there’s no need to wait 24 hours after attaching hair system to shower, work out, or participate in sports activities. 1.4 -ounce dab-on bottle.

Walker MaxHoldSport SkinPrep 1.4oz is the strongest protective barrier for active & humid-weather clients, improving hold times.

  • Gentleness: Skin safe
  • Flammable
  • An adhesive booster for the longest-lasting hold times
  • Allows for exposure to water immediately after install
  • Made for clients with active lifestyles
  • Helps protect adhesive fro humidity
  • Creates a protective barrier for sensitive skin
  • Test on a small portion of skin before use

Walker MaxHoldSport SkinPrep 1.4oz

Prepare the skin where tape or adhesive is going to be applied with 99% Alcohol.

Apply 1-2 coats of Max Hold Sport to the scalp before applying any adhesive. Let dry completely, then apply adhesive or tape. Provides immediate adhesion. No need to wait for 24 hours after install before getting the unit wet.

Bear in mind that with scalp protectors, the tape or adhesive will start to adhere quickly. If you’re worried about getting the system in the right spot, use Just-Rite Positioning Spray. It will temporarily suspend the hold of the adhesive so you can place the system precisely, without affecting the overall wear time.

This product is not meant to replace tape or liquid adhesive.

We recommend performing a patch test before use.

  • Flammable – Do not store or use near heat, sparks, or open flame.
  • Use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Close lid tightly.
  • Do not apply to broken, cut, or irritated skin.
  • External use only, do not ingest.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Test on a small area before use.
  • Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dark, dry, room-temperature controlled environment (60-80°F).

SDS Sheet (PDF)

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